Reference A thorough discussion with examples of using dump and restore for backups. Making automatic backups with tar using cron. The Linux Backups mini FAQ contains some useful, although brief, comments on backup media, compression, encryption, and security. The Linux Documentation Project offers several useful HOWTO documents that discuss backups and disk recovery. single/Ext2fs-Undeletion.html If you need to undelete a file from an ext2/3 file system, the Linux Ext2fs Undeletion mini HOWTO is the document for you. You will be more successful if you practice. single/Ext2fs-Undeletion-Dir-Struct.html The Ext2fs Undeletion of Directory Structures is a companion HOWTO to the Linux Ext2fs Undeletion mini HOWTO, helping you cope with an errant rm -rf *. single/Bootdisk-HOWTO.html#AEN1483 Here is a list of LILO Boot error codes to help you debug a cranky system that will not boot. single/Ftape-HOWTO.html This is a HOWTO for the floppy tape device driver. The USB Guide for mass storage devices. If you have a USB device and need to know if it is supported, check here. This is the Amanda chapter of Unix Backup and Recovery (written by John R. Jackson and published by O'Reilly and Associates). The chapter is available online and covers every aspect of using Amanda. The site features a handy search tool for the chapter. Rsyncing a large file to "repair" a local ISO image that does not pass the md5sum check. Lycoris ISO rsync mini HOWTO. A step-by-step tutorial on using rsync to sync files. snapshots/ Automated snapshot-style backups using rsync. Mondo Rescue is a bare-metal backup/rescue tool independent of Ubuntu, using CD, DVD, tape, or NFS; it can produce bootable CDs to restore the system. mondo.html A HOWTO for using MondoRescue to back up on a DVD.

op=modload&.name=Sections&file=index&.req=viewarticle&artid=222&page=1 A HOWTO using split and mkisofs to manually back up large archives to CD.



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