The Linux Keyboard and Console HOWTOAndries Brouwer's tome on keyboard and console issues; includes many troubleshooting tips. Product details for a KVM switch running Linux. Using virtual consoles with Linux. Information about TouchPad pointing devices. Site for a Linux TouchPad driver. The X.Org Foundation, home of X11R7. Home page for the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture project, an alternative set of sound drivers for Linux. Commercial sound drivers for Linux.

/usr/src/linux-2.6/Documentation/power/pci.txt Patrick Mochel's document regarding PCI powermanagement routes for Linux kernel and PCI hardware support programmers. One of the newest HOWTOs on using modems with Linux. David S. Lawyer's Serial HOWTO, with additional information about Linux and serial port use. sensors2/doc/FAQ Information regarding the lm-sensors software for Linux. Source for the latest PCMCIA drivers for Linux. Com Basics/RS232 standard.html A description and tutorial on the EIA232 (formerly RS232) standard. The place to check for compatibility of USB devices for Linux. This site provides links to several drivers for controllerless modem use under Linux. Home page for the Linux IEEE 1394 project with new information, links to updated drivers, and lists of compatible chipsets and devices. The FAQchest, a searchable archive of FAQs HOWTOs, and mailing lists; an alternative to Search Usenet groups through Google; another alternative to The Linux Questions site, a useful set of community forums that can help you find answers to your more frustrating problems. cdrecord.html Home page for the cdrecord command and related utilities. An excellent discussion of BIOS options at ArsTechnica. A brief article on how to make use of the information found in devices.txt.



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