Reference The home page of the Squid Web Proxy Cache. The home page of Squid: A User's Guide, a free online book about Squid. A brief online guide to configuring a local Squid server. The home page of a company that can provide commercial support and deployment of Squid. ViSolve's guide to setting up Squid to reverse proxy to cache a local web server for external visitors.

As well as these URLs, there are two excellent books on the topic of web caching. The first is Squid: The Definitive Guide (O'Reilly) by Duane Wessels, ISBN: 0-596-00162-2. The second is Web Caching (O'Reilly) also by Duane Wessels, ISBN: 1-56592-536-X.

Of the two, the former is more practical and covers the Squid server in depth. The latter is more theoretical, discussing how caching is implemented. Wessels is one of the leading developers on Squid, so both books are of impeccable technical accuracy.



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