The Python website ( is packed with information and updated regularly. This should be your first stop, if only to read the latest Python news. The home page of the Zope Content Management System (CMS), it's one of the most popular CMSes around and, more important, written entirely in Python. Python also has an excellent Java-based interpreter to allow it to run on other platforms. If you prefer Microsoft .NET, try Guido van Rossum borrowed the name for his language from Monty Python's Flying Circus, and as a result many Python code examples use oblique Monty Python references. A visit to the official Monty Python site to hone your Python knowledge is highly recommended!

There are few truly great books about Python; however, you can find a list of what's on offer at If you are desperate to pick up a book immediately, you could do much worse than choose Learning Python (O'Reilly, ISBN: 0-596-00281-5).



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