The migration to a new computer operating system does not have to be painful to management and users. Providing easy-to-understand directions, some background information, and pre-configuration of an installed system can help the transition.

This section lists some additional points of reference with background information on the standards and commands discussed in this chapter. Browse these links to learn more about some of the concepts discussed in this chapter and to expand your knowledge of your new Linux community. An article by a Windows NT user who, when experimenting with Linux, blithely confesses to rebooting the system after not knowing how to read a text file at the Linux console. IEEE's POSIX information page. Discussion of Linux and POSIX compliance. Home page for the Linux FHS, Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. Browse the HOWTO section to find and read The Linux Keyboard and Console HOWTOAndries Brouwer's somewhat dated but eminently useful guide to using the Linux keyboard and console. Home page for the FSF's GNU emacs editing environment; you will find additional documentation and links to the source code for the latest version here. Home page for the vim (vi clone) editor included with Linux distributions. Check here for updates, bug fixes, and news about this editor. Home page for the sudo command. Check here for the latest updates, security features, and bug fixes.


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