Reference Linux Kernel Archives. The source of all development discussion for the Linux kernel. Linux Kernel Traffic. Summarized version and commentary of the Linux Kernel mailing list produced weekly. Free Software Foundation. Source of manuals and software for programs used throughout the kernel compilation process. Tools such as make and gcc have their official documentation here. The famous AC Patches from Alan Cox, for whom they are named. The Linux Kernel Rebuild Guide; configuration, compilation, and troubleshooting. single/KernelAnalysis-HOWTO.html KernelAnalysis HOWTO. Describes the mysterious inner workings of the kernel. Kernel Module HOWTO. Includes a good discussion about unresolved symbols. single/Modules.html The Linux Kernel Modules Installation HOWTO; an older document discussing recompiling kernel modules. The Linux Documentation Project. The Mecca of all Linux documentation. Excellent source of HOWTO documentation, as well as FAQs and online books, all about Linux. The unofficial minix website. It contains a selection of links to information about minix and a link to the actual homepage. Although minix is still copyrighted, the owner has granted unlimited rights to everyone. See for yourself the OS used to develop Linux. Web page with links to Linux kernel documentation, books, hacker tomes, and other helpful information for budding and experienced Linux kernel and kernel module developers. This list will also be found in the file

/usr/src/linux-2.6/Documentation/kernel-docs.txt if you install the Ubuntu kernel sources.



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