Reference The home page of the OpenLDAP project where you can download the latest version of the software and meet other users. A great set of links and resources across the Internet that explain various aspects of LDAP and its parent protocol, X500. The home of the Perl library for interacting with LDAP provides comprehensive documentation to get you started. A gigantic portal for LDAP administrators around the world. From forums dedicated to LDAP to jobs specifically for LDAP admins, this site could very well be all you need.

The definitive book on LDAP is LDAP System Administration (O'Reilly), ISBN: 1-56592-491-6. It is an absolute must for the bookshelf of any Linux LDAP administrator. For more general reading, try LDAP Directories Explained (Addison-Wesley), ISBN: 0-201-78792-X. It has a much stronger focus on the Microsoft Active Directory LDAP implementation, however.


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