There is a plethora of Apache documentation online. For more information about Apache and the subjects discussed in this chapter, look at some of the following resources: server survey.html A statistical graph of web server usage by 53,341,867 servers (as of August 2004). The research points out that Apache is by far the most widely used server for Internet sites. Extensive documentation and information about Apache are available at The Apache Project website. You can obtain breaking news about Apache and great technical articles at the Apache Week site. Another good Apache site. Original content as well as links to Apache-related stories on other sites can be found at Apache Today's site. HTML, CGI, and related subjects are available at The HTML Writers Guild site. Available add-on modules for Apache can be found at The Apache Module Registry website.

There are several good books about Apache. For example, Apache Server Unleashed (Sams Publishing), ISBN 0-672-31808-3.

For more information on Zope, see The Zope Book (New Riders Publishing), ISBN 0-7357-11372.



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