Reference The place to start when looking for news, information, and documentation about installing, configuring, and using Ubuntu. Symantec's PartitionMagic utility includes BootMagic, which can be used to support booting of Linux or, regrettably, other less-capable operating systems, such as Windows XP. Commander Home.html V Communications, Inc.'s System Commander, a commercial 4.2MB download that can be used to support booting of any operating system capable of running on today's PCs. An intelligent partitioning utility, Partition Commander, is included. How to use Intel's Pre-execution Environment (PXE) protocol to remote boot workstations. Home page for the GRUB boot loader. The somewhat outdated home of the loadlin Linux loader. single/BootPrompt-HOWTO.html The BootPrompt-HOWTO, a guide to using the boot prompt for passing kernel arguments. The Linux Installation-HOWTO, a guide to installing Linux, by Eric S. Raymond.


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