Reference A Linux Gazette article on "Bootstrapping Linux," which includes much detail on the BIOS and MBR aspects of the boot process. the LostCircuits BIOS guide; much detail on the meaning of all those BIOS settings. = 1 The BIOS Optimization Guide; details on tweaking those BIOS settings to your heart's content. A link through IBM's website to an article on booting Slackware Linux, along with a sidebar about the history of System V versus BSD init scripts.

/usr/src/linux/init/main.c The best place to learn about how Linux boots. Fascinating reading, really. Get it from the source! Home page for the Linux Newbie Administrator GuideA gentle introduction to Linux System Administration.

The GRUB Manual The still yet-to-be-completed manual can be found at On your Ubuntu system, info grub provides a plethora of information and a sample grub.conf file (/boot/grub/menu.lst is a symbolic link to

/boot/grub/grub.conf; use either name) can be found in /usr/doc/grub.

"LILO User's Guide" Werner Almesberger's definitive technical tome on the LInux LOader, or LILO, and how it works on Intel-based PCs. Look under the /usr/share/doc/lilo*/doc directory for the file, which can be viewed using the gv client. LILO has been dropped from Ubuntu; GRUB is now the default boot loader supported in the distribution.

"Grub, Glorious Grub" Hoyt Duff, Linux Format, August 2001; pp. 5861. A tutorial on the GRUB boot leader. 1.0.0/gLSB/sysinit.html The Linux Standard Base description of system initialization; this is the standard. The bash home page at the GNU Software Project. Mendel Cooper's "Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide." Learn basic shell commands at this site. "The New Korn Shellksh93," an article by David G. Korn, Charles J. Northrup, and Jeffery Korn regarding the korn shell. The pdksh home page. The Bash-httpd FAQ, with links to the latest version of the bash web server, bash-httpd-0.02.

http://www.tcsh.orq/ Find out more about tcsh here. http://www.zsh.orq/ Examine zsh in more detail here.


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