Each chapter in this book includes a "Reference" section listing links to additional or related information covered in the text. You can use these links to learn more about Ubuntu, Linux, and related technologies. You can also use the "Reference" section material to build custom sets of bookmarks to use while browsing or researching for more information about Linux. Information from IBM regarding its efforts and offerings of Linux hardware, software, and services. David A. Wheeler's amazing white paper covering the current state of GNU/Linux, its size, worth, components, and market penetration. Home page for Ubuntu, sponsored by Canonical Software, and your starting point for learning more about Ubuntu. Web page with links to current Ubuntu documentation and release notes. The definitive starting point for the latest updates to generic Linux FAQs, guides, and HOWTO documents. The U.S. Department of Energy's Computer Incident Advisory website, with details of security problems and fixes pertaining not only to Ubuntu, but many other operating systems. This site is useful for federal software contractors, developers, and system administrators. One site to which new Linux users can browse to learn more about Linux. A popular site which allows users to communicate and support each other with questions and problems spanning the entire Linux world.


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