Related Ubuntu and Linux Commands

You will use many of these commands when programming in C and C++ for Linux: ar The GNU archive development tool as The GNU assembler autoconf The GNU configuration script generator cervisia A KDE client that provides a graphical interface to a CVS project cvs A project revision control system designer trolltech's graphical prototyping tool for use with Qt libraries and X gcc The GNU C/C++ compiler system gdb The GNU interactive debugger giade-2 The GNOME graphical development environment for building GTK+ clients gprof The GNU program profiler kdeveiop The KDE C/C++ graphical development environment for building KDE, GNOME, or terminal clients make A GNU project management command patch Larry Wall's source patching utility pmake A BSD project management command rcs A suite of programs used to manage project documents splint The C source file checker xmkmf A shell script for X that is used to create a localized makefile for building an X client


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