Resetting the Date and Time

The Ubuntu installer queries during installation for default time zone settings, and whether your computer's hardware clock is set to Greenwich mean time (GMT)more properly known as UTC or coordinated universal time.

Linux provides a system date and time; your computer hardware provides a hardware clock-based time. In many cases, it is possible for the two times to drift apart. Linux system time is based on the number of seconds elapsed since January 1, 1970. Your computer's hardware time depends on the type of clock chips installed on your PC's motherboard, and many motherboard chipsets are notoriously subject to drift.

Keeping accurate time is not only important on a single workstation, but also critically important in a network environment. Backups, scheduled downtimes, and other network-wide actions need to be accurately coordinated.

Ubuntu provides several date and time utilities you can use at the command line or during an X session, including these:

date Used to display, set, or adjust the system date and time from the command line hwclock A root command to display, set, adjust, and synchronize hardware and system clocks time-admin Ubuntu's graphical date, time, and network time configuration tool

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