Restrict Permissions Based on Group IDs

The guestgroup line assigns a given group name or group names to behave exactly like the anonymous user. Here is the command:

guestgroup <groupname> [<groupname>]

This command confines the user to a specific directory structure in the same way anonymous users are confined to /var/ftp . This command also limits these users to access files for which their assigned group has permissions.

The groupname parameter can be the name of a group or that group's corresponding GID (Group ID). If you use a GID as the groupname parameter, put a percentage symbol (% ) in front of it. You can use this command to assign permissions to a range of group IDs, as in this example:

guestgroup %500-550

This entry would restrict all users with the group IDs 500550 to be treated as a guest group, rather than individual users. In order for guestgroup to work, you must set up the user's home directories with the correct permissions, exactly like the anonymous FTP user.

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