Sidebars Can Be Goldmines

Just because it is in a sidebar does not mean that you will not find something new here. Be sure to watch for these elements that bring in outside content that is an aside to the discussion in the text. You will read about other technologies, Linux-based hardware, and special procedures to make your system more robust and efficient.

Other formatting techniques used to increase readability include the use of italics for placeholders in computer command syntax. Computer terms or concepts are also italicized upon first introduction in text.

Finally, you should know that all text, sample code, and screenshots in Ubuntu Unleashed were developed using Ubuntu and open-source tools.

Read on to start learning about and using the latest version of Ubuntu. Experienced users will want to consider the new information in this edition when planning or considering upgrades. There are many different Linux distributions from different vendors, but many derive from, or closely mimic, the Debian distribution.

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