Simple Strategy

If you need to back up just a few configuration files and some small data files, copy them to a USB stick, engage the write-protect tab, and keep it someplace safe. If you need just a bit more backup storage capacity, you can copy the important files to a Zip disk (100,250 and 750MB in size), CD-RW disk (up to 700MB in size), or DVD-RW disk (up to 8GB for data).

In addition to configuration and data files, you should archive each user's home directory, as well as the entire /etc directory. Between the two, that backup would contain most of the important files for a small system. Then, you can easily restore this data from the backup media device you have chosen, after a complete reinstall of Ubuntu, if necessary.

Experts believe that if you have more data than can fit on a floppy disk, you really need a formal backup strategy. Some of those are discussed in the following sections. We use a tape media backup as an example.

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