Sophisticated framesbased Wysiwyg editor that is suitable for light desktop publishing supporting several formats including Word Perfect

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The KOffice KSpread client is a functional spreadsheet program that offers graphing capabilities. Like KWord, KSpread can also be launched from the command line. After you use a command like this, you are asked to choose a type of document (new or previous document):

KDE includes other productivity clients in its collection of KOffice and related applications. These clients include an address book, time tracker, calculator, notepad, and scheduler. One popular client is KOrganizer, which provides daily, weekly, workweek, and monthly views of tasks, to-do lists, and scheduled appointments with background alarms. A journal, or diary, function is also supported within it, and you can synchronize information with your Palm Pilot. You can launch this client from the KDE desktop panel's menu or from the command line, as follows:

$ korganizer &

Figure 9.18 shows a typical KOrganizer window.

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