Sound Formats

A number of formats exist for storing sound recordings. Some of these formats are associated with specific technologies, and others are used strictly for proprietary reasons. Ubuntu supports several of the most popular sound formats, including raw (.raw) More properly known as headerless format, audio files using this format contain an amorphous variety of specific settings and encodings. All other sound files contain a short section of code at the beginninga headerthat identifies the format type.

• MP3 ( .mp3) A popular, but commercially licensed, format for the digital encoding used by many Linux and Windows applications. MP3 is not supported by any software included with Ubuntu (which advises you to use the open source Ogg-Vorbis format instead).

• WAV (.wav) The popular uncompressed Windows audio-visual sound format. It is often used as an intermediate file format when encoding audio.

• Ogg-Vorbis (.ogg) Ubuntu preferred audio encoding format. You will enjoy better compression, audio playback, and freedom from lawsuits by using this open-source encoding format for your audio files.

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