Structure of the shutdown File

The shutdown command tells the server where to look for the shutdown message generated by the ftpshut command or by the user. The shutdown command is used with a pathname to a shutdown file, such as shudown /etc/uftpshutdown

If this file exists, the server will check the file to see when the server should shut down. The syntax of this file is as follows:

<year> <month> <day> <hour> <minute> <deny_offset> <disc_offset> <text>

year can be any year after 1970 (called the epoch), month is from 011, hour is 023, minute is 059, deny_offset is a number in minutes before shutdown in which the server will disable new connections, disc_offset is the number of minutes before connected users will be disconnected, and text is a message that will be displayed to the users at login. In addition to valid magic cookies defined in the messages section, those listed in Table 23.2 are also available.

The time the system will be shut down

The time new connections will be denied

The time current connections will be dropped

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