Sun ONE Web Server

Despite the Netcraft numbers shown previously in Table 20.1, there is evidence that the Sun Java System Web Server (formerly known as the iPlanet Web Server, and subsequently Sun ONE Web Server) might be even more popular than Apache in strictly corporate arenas. The server got its start as the Netscape Enterprise Serverone of the first powerful web servers ever to hit the market. Sun ONE Web Server comes in many flavors, and all of them are big. In addition to the enterprise-level web server that can be run on Ubuntu, the software features application, messaging, calendar, and directory serversjust to name a few.

Sun ONE Web Server is great for handling big web needs, and it comes with an appropriately big price tag. It's definitely not something to run the school websiteunless your school happens to be a major state university with several regional campuses. For more information on Sun Java System Web Server, you can visit its website

( srvr/home web srvr.html).

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