Table 222 smbstatus Options


-s /path/to/config -u username

-p Lists current smb


Brief output Verbose output

Used if the configuration file used at startup is not the standard one

Shows the status of a specific user's connection processes, which can prove useful in scripts

Connecting with the smbclient Command

The smbciient command allows users on other Linux hosts to access your smb shares. You cannot mount the share on your host, but you can use it in a way that is similar to an FTP client. Several options can be used with the smbciient command. The most frequently used is -i followed by the IP address of the computer to which you are connecting. The smbciient command does not require root access to run:

smbciient -I -uusername%password

This gives you the following prompt:

smb: <current directory on share>

From here, the commands are almost identical to the standard UNIX/Linux FTP commands. Note that you can omit a password on the smbciient command line. You are then prompted to enter the Samba share password.

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