Table 231 Magic Cookies and Their Descriptions

Cookie Description

To understand how this command works, imagine that you want to display a welcome message to everyone who logs in to the FTP server. An entry of message /home/ftp/welcome.msg login message /welcome.msg login shows the contents of the welcome.msg file to all real users who log in to the server. The second entry shows the same message to the anonymous user.

The welcome.msg file is not created with the installation of the package, but you can create it using a text editor. Type the following:

Welcome to the anonymous ftp service on %L!

There are %N out of %M users logged in.

Current system time is %T

Please send email to %E if there are any problems with this service.

Your current working directory is %C

Save this file as /var/ftp/welcome.msg . Verify that it works by connecting to the FTP server:

220 FTP server ready.

504 AUTH GSSAPI not supported.

504 AUTH KERBEROS_V4 not supported.

KERBEROS_V4 rejected as an authentication type

Name (shuttle:phudson): anonymous

331 Guest login ok, send your complete e-mail address as password. Password:

230-Welcome to the anonymous ftp service on! 230-

230-There are 1 out of unlimited users logged in. 230-

230-Current system time is Mon Nov 3 10:57:06 2003 230-

230-Please send email to [email protected] if there are 230-any problems with this service. 230-Your current working directory is /

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