Table 233 ftpwho Fields



Process ID


The process ID of the FTP server process.

The terminal ID of the process. This will always be a ? because the FTP daemon is not an interactive login.

Status of the FTP process. The values are

S: sleeping z: zombie, indicating a crash r: running n: normal process





The elapsed processor time the process has used in minutes and seconds.

Tells what host the process is connecting from, the user who connected, and the current command that is executing.

Listing 23.4 shows a typical output of this command. It lists the process ID for the ftp daemon handling requests, the class that the particular user belongs to, the total time connected, what username the user is connected as, and the status of his session.

In addition to the information given about each connected user, ftpwho will also display the total number of users connected out of any maximum that might have been set in the ftpaccess file. This information can be used to monitor the use of your FTP server.

You can pass one parameter to ftpwho. (You can find the parameter by using the ftpwho—help command.) The single parameter you can pass to ftpwho is -v. This parameter prints out version and licensing information for wu-ftp, as shown here:

# ftpwho

Service class all:

10447 ? SN 0:00 ftpd: localhost: anonymous/[email protected]: IDLE

1 users (no maximum)

The output of ftpwho, using the -v option, which shows version information, is shown in Listing 23.4. Listing 23.4. ftpwho -v Command Output

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