Table 51 Basic Linux Directories

Name Description

/ The root directory

/bin Essential commands

/boot Boot loader files, Linux kernel

/dev Device files

/etc System configuration files

/home User home directories

/initrd Initial RAM disk boot support (used during boot time)

/lib Shared libraries, kernel modules

/lost+found Directory for recovered files (if found after a file system check)




Mount point for removable media such as DVDs and floppy disks


Usual mount point for local, remote file systems


Add-on software packages


Kernel information, process control


Super-user (root home)


System commands (mostly root only)


Holds data for system services some of which is currently stored in /var


Real-time information on devices used by the kernel


Network boot support


Temporary files


Secondary software file hierarchy


Variable data (such as logs); spooled files

Some of the important directories in Table 5.1, such as those containing user and root commands or system configuration files, are discussed in the following sections. You will use and edit files under these directories when you use Ubuntu.

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