The Mozilla News Client

The Mozilla web browser supports graphical Usenet news reading as well as web browsing. Having numerous news-reading clients installed on an Ubuntu system offers users a wealth of choice and opportunities for developing favorites. In some cases, however, it can complicate the administrator's task of tracking and fixing client security liabilities. Using Mozilla can help simplify this task by offering an all-in-one client that provides web browsing, email, file transfer, and news-reading capabilities. For these reasons, you might choose to use Mozilla as a browser, email client, and news client.

To begin reading news with Mozilla, you launch Mozilla and select Window, Mail and Newsgroups; the window shown in Figure 8.18 appears. The menu Edit, Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings is where you configure Mozilla for your news and mail server settings. Many people prefer to use Mozilla for all their web browsing, mail, news, and IRC.

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