The Process of Programming

Many Linux C programmers start by writing a program that solves an immediate need, such as a simple command-line program to download or upload phone numbers or other data to a cellular phone or handheld computer. Many beginners get started by becoming proficient in using a Linux text editor, researching any required software routines and reading documentation, browsing available Linux source code, learning how to run a compiler (such as gcc, discussed later in this chapter), and then launching into the iterative process of editing, compiling, executing, and testing.

The following sections in this chapter discuss some of the required or helpful software tools included with Ubuntu. You also see how to create, compile, and run a simple C program. You'll also see how to use several graphical prototyping tools (such as Glade, Designer, or KDevelop) to shorten the process of developing a user interface for graphical programs; these tools can free up time and effort on those tasks, allowing you to concentrate on the core functions of your new program.



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