Using the perldoc and man commands is an easy way to get more information about the version of Perl installed on your system. To learn how to use the perldoc command, enter the following:

$ perldoc perldoc

To get introductory information on Perl, you can use either of these commands:

$ perldoc perl $ man perl

For an overview or table of contents of Perl's documentation, use the perldoc command like this:

$ perldoc perltoc

The documentation is extensive and well organized. Perl includes a number of standard Linux manual pages as brief guides to its capabilities, but perhaps the best way to learn more about Perl is to read its perifunc document, which lists all the available Perl functions and their usage. You can view this document by using the peridoc script and typing peridoc perifunc at the command line. You can also find this document online at http://www.cpan.org/doc/manual/html/pod/perlfunc.html.


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