Trolltechs Qt Designer

A development environment related to KDevelop and available in Ubuntu is Trolltech's Qt Designer. You can use this program to build user interface "forms" for cross-platform applications. Qt Designer has a complex interface that supports drawing of windows, buttons, and other client controls. You can start Qt Designer from the command line of a terminal window like this:

You can also start the prototyping environment by clicking its menu item under the Programming menu's More Programming tools menu. The Qt Designer main window (see Figure 30.2) provides tools to quickly build and preview a graphical client. After first creating a directory to hold the project files, start by choosing File, New Menu to create a new project. Then, you can select a C++ project and save it with a name that ends with .pro.

Figure 30.2. Trolltech's Qt Designer is, like KDevelop, a capable prototyping and client-building tool for use with Linux and X.

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Next, you can again use the File menu to add a file, but this time, you select a window, widget, or dialog, depending on the graphical interface you'd like to add to your project. After you design the program's GUI, you can preview your design by using the Preview menu. You can also test a build of the new client if you have added enough requisite code. You begin by navigating to your project's folder (using the cd command), and then you use the qmake and make commands, as follows:

$ qmake o Makefile $ make

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