Ubuntu Versions

As mentioned earlier, Ubuntu has chosen some peculiar code names for their releases since the first launch in October 2004. Doing away with the typical version numbering found elsewhere, Ubuntu decided to take the month and year of release and reverse them. Hence, the first release in October 2004 became 4.10, followed quickly by 5.04, 5.10, and 6.06.

The code names are even better: 4.10 was christened the Warty Warthog in recognition that it was a first release, warts and all. The second release, 5.04, was dubbed the Hoary Hedgehog. Things got slightly better with 5.10, code-named the Breezy Badger. However, with 6.06, Dapper Drake (a release supported on the desktop for a full 3 years), Ubuntu really started to shine.

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