Use Essential Commands from the bin and sbin Directories

The /bin directory (about 4.1MB after a default install) contains essential commands used by the system when running and booting Linux. In general, only the root operator uses the commands in the /sbin directory. Many (though not all) of these commands are statically linked; such commands do not depend on software libraries residing under the /lib or /usr/lib directories. Nearly all the other applications on your system are dynamically linkedmeaning that they require external software libraries (also known as shared libraries) in order to run.

Because the system contains dynamically linked applications, you might sometimes get dependency errors when installing or upgrading software packages; in those situations, a supporting library (or application) might not be present. See Chapter 7 for more information on working with dynamically linked applications and other methods of avoiding such problems. Thankfully, "dependency hell" is largely a thing of the past due to programs such as yum.

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