Check out the following on Usenet:

• comp.lang.perl.misc Discusses various aspects of the Perl programming language. Make sure that your questions are Perl specific, not generic CGI programming questions. The regulars tend to flame folks who don't know the difference.

• comp.infosystems.www.authoring.cgi Discusses authoring of CGI programs, so much of the discussion is Perl specific. Make sure that your questions are related to CGI programming, not just Perl. The regulars are very particular about staying on topic.

Check these sites on the World Wide Web: Tom Christiansen maintains the Perl language home page. This is the place to find all sorts of information about Perl, from its history and culture to helpful tips. This is also the place to download the Perl interpreter for your system. This is part of the site just mentioned, but it merits its own mention. CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) is the place for you to find modules and programs in Perl. If you write something in Perl that you think is particularly useful, you can make it available to the Perl community here. Frequently Asked Questions index of common Perl queries; this site offers a handy way to quickly search for answers about Perl. One of the best places to start learning Perl online. If you master Perl, go to The HTML Writers Guild is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to assisting web developers. One of its services is a plethora of mailing lists. The hwg-servers mailing list and the hwg-languages mailing list are great places for asking Perl-related questions. The Perl Mongers are local Perl users groups. There might be one in your area. The Perl advocacy site is The Perl Journal is "a reader-supported monthly e-zine" devoted to the Perl programming language. TPJ is always full of excellent, amusing, and informative articles, and is an invaluable resource to both new and experienced Perl programmers. A short tutorial about one-line Perl scripts and code.


Other valuable resources not falling into any of the preceding categories are Perl-related Internet Relay Chat channels. You can usually find several channels available on an IRC server. However, the questions, discussions, and focus of similarly named channels will vary from server to server.

For example, a #perlhelp channel is usually for general questions about installing, using, and learning about Perl. A #perl channel is generally for more advanced questions, but on some servers beginner questions might be welcomed. You might also find some helpful answers on #cgi and #html channels. Browse to for a list of servers.



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