User Considerations

Humans are creatures of habit. It can be hard to transition a workforce, customer base, or other community to a new environment. The Ubuntu desktop, however, provides a friendly and familiar interface with menus and icons that new users can readily learn and put to work.

Part of the migration process can involve addressing user concerns, especially if Linux will take over the desktop. Ubuntu can be deployed in stages to make the migration process a bit easier, but the issue of user training must be addressed early on. This is especially true if users will be required to develop new skills or be aware of any caveats when using Linux (such as deleting all files in one's home directory). Although Ubuntu can be configured to provide a "turn-key" desktop in which only several graphical applications (such as a web browser, organizer, or word processor) can be used, some users will want and need to learn more about Linux.

You can turn to formal Linux training from commercial vendors. System administrators can get training from Red Hat or Novell, or the more generic LPI certifications (go to For other issues concerning Linux in larger computing environments, browse to Linas Vepstas's Linux Enterprise Computing pages at

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