Using FTP Clients

The FTP protocol allows users to connect to a server, read directories and filenames, and download and upload data. If the correct access rights are set, users can also create new folders and set access permissions on them.

However, using FTP poses a security risk: Usernames and passwords are transmitted unencrypted across a LAN or the Internet. To stop users from taking the risk of giving their authentication details to anyone listening on the wire, many sites only enable anonymous FTP login and file retrieval. Many Linux users have turned to more secure alternatives, such as sshd and sftp or scp, included with the OpenSSH suite. The following sections discuss the different types of newer and traditional interfaces to FTP and their usage. Because they are part of the larger OpenSSH collection, the sftp and scp commands are covered in Chapter 19, "Remote Access with SSH and Telnet."

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