Using Network Configuration Tools

If you add or replace networking hardware after your initial installation, you must configure the new hardware. You can do so using either the command line or the graphical configuration tools. To configure a network client host using the command line, you can use a combination of commands or edit specific files under the /etc directory. To configure the hardware through a graphical interface, you can use Ubuntu's graphical tool for X called network-admin. This section introduces command-line and graphical software tools you can use to configure a network interface and network settings on your Ubuntu system. You'll see how to control your NIC and manage how your system interacts with your network.

Using the command-line configuration tools can seem difficult if you are new to Linux. For anyone new to networking, the network-admin graphical tool is the way to go. Both manual and graphical methods require root access to work. If you do not have root access, get it before trying any of these actions. You should not edit any scripts or settings files used by graphical network administration tools on your system. Your changes will be lost the next time the tool, such as network-admin, is run! Either use a manual approach and write your own network setup script, or stick to using graphical configuration utilities.

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