Using Scanners in Ubuntu

With the rise of digital photography, there has been an equal decline in the need for image scanners. However, there are still times that you will want to use a scanner, and thankfully Ubuntu makes it easy.

You can also use many types of image scanners with the GIMP. In the past, the most capable scanners required a SCSI port. Today, however, most scanners work through a USB port. You must have scanner support enabled for Linux (usually through a loaded kernel module, scanner.o) before using a scanner with the GIMP.

Although some scanners can work via the command line, you will enjoy more productive scanning sessions using a graphical interface because image manipulation tasks, such as previewing and cropping, can save time before actually scanning an image. Most scanners in use with Linux use the Scanner Access Now Easy (SANE) package that supports and enables graphical scanning sessions.

SANE consists of two software components. A low-level driver enables the hardware support and is specific to each scanner. Next, a graphical scanner interface X client known as xsane is used as a plug-in or ancillary program (or script) that adds features to the GIMP.

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