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If your window manager does not support drag and drop, you can use Konqueror's Copy Files feature to retrieve a file. First, type in an FTP URL (such as Next, navigate to a desired directory and click to select a desired file. You then click the Edit menu's Copy Files menu item (or press F7). A Save dialog will appear, and you can select your home directory to save the file. After you press Enter, a file download progress dialog will be displayed while the file is being retrieved. You can also use the Nautilus browser to retrieve files from a remote server.

Figure 23.3 shows an anonymous login to a remote FTP server using Nautilus. Connect to a remote FTP server using File > Connect to Server, then simply click to select a file, select Copy from the Edit menu (or press Ctrl+C), click to go to your home directory (using the icon in the Nautilus toolbar), and then click Paste (or press Ctrl+V) to retrieve and save the file.

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