Viewing Video in Linux

Because of the patent and licensing issues mentioned earlier, the capability to play video files has been removed from Ubuntu. This functionality can be restored if you install the full version of the applications described in this section from the universe and multiverse repositories in synaptic . There, you will find multimedia applications such as Ogle, Xine, AlsaPlayer, Gstreamer, Grip, Mplayer, VCDImager, VideoLAN-client, Xmms, and Zapping.

You can use Linux software to watch TV, save individual images (take snapshots) from a televised broadcast, save a series of snapshots to build animation sequences, or capture video, audio, or both. The following sections describe some of the ways in which you can put Linux multimedia software to work for you.

The noatun viewer is provided with Ubuntu to use as an embedded viewer in the Konqueror browser. noatun is set up as the default association for the video file formats it plays. Open a video file in Konqueror, and the video will be shown in the viewer if it is supported. The viewer provides basic Start, Stop, and Fast-Forward VCR-type functions.

You can watch MPEG and DVD video with Xine. Xine is a versatile and popular media player that is not included with Ubuntu. Xine is used to watch AVI, QuickTime, OGG, and MP3 files.

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