Web Resources

http://www.sendmail.org/ This is the Sendmail home page. Here you will find configuration information and FAQs regarding the Sendmail MTA.

http://www.postfix.org/ This is the Postfix home page. If you are using the Postfix MTA, you can find documentation and sample configurations at this site.

http://www.qmail.org/ This is the home page for the Qmail MTA. It contains documentation and links to other resources on Qmail.

http://www.linuxgazette.com/issue35/jao.html IMAP on Linux: A Practical Guide. The Internet Mail Access Protocol allows a user to access his email stored on a remote server rather than a local disk.

http://www.imap.org/about/whatisIMAP.html This page describes IMAP.

http://www.rfc-editor.org/ A repository of RFCsRequest for Commentsthat define the technical "rules" of modern computer usage.

http://www.procmail.org/ The Procmail home page.

http://www.moongroup.com/docs/procmail/ The Procmail FAQ, which includes suggestions for troubleshooting problems. The page also references a page of links that, in turn, reference other link collections as well as tidbits from the Procmail mail list.

http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/Linux/docs/HOWTO/other-formats/html single/Qmail-VMailMgr-Courier-imap-HOWTO.html If you want some help configuring a mail system based on the lesser-used applications, this HOWTO will help.

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