What Is Mono

If you hang around long enough in the Linux world, you will frequently come across something called Mono. Nope, this term does not relate to mono-aural sound but rather to a development framework that takes the best parts of Microsoft's .Net applications development environment and allows them to run under Linux. For more information on the mono project you should head on over to http://www.mono-project.org.

By default Gnome opens Sound Juicer when you insert an audio disc, but it is easy to change this to Banshee by using the Removable Drives & Media tool in the Preferences menu. Under the Multimedia tab, change Sound Juicer to Banshee, which will mean that whenever you insert an audio disc now, Banshee will automatically load, ready for you to import the disc to Ubuntu.

Importing itself is very easyonce Banshee has retrieved any track listing, simply click the Import CD button as seen in Figure 10.8. Banshee will start to encode the audio data into your preferred codec and will store the files in the ~/music directory.

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