What Is Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a new distribution within the Linux world. However, despite only having been around since the middle of 2004, Ubuntu has rapidly become popular among both new and seasoned users. The reasons are many, but can be pinned down to ease of use and careful development to ensure maximum compatibility. One of Ubuntu's key beliefs is that everything "should just work," and to a large extent this is true. Ubuntu itself is based upon the GNOME window manager, with a standard set of application software and the means to access all 16,000+ applications from the wider Debian software universe.

As you learn in this chapter, Ubuntu is one of the most up-to-date and rapidly moving Linux distributions available on the Internet. Here, you see why Ubuntu is a good choice for a variety of computing environments and how, when combined with advances provided by the latest Linux kernel, it can provide support for a huge range of users from the academic, home, small business, and up to corporate and large-enterprise users.

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