Thanks go to Pragmatic Programmers for not slamming the door in the face of a crazy guy who suggested a one-chapter book full of things he thinks are cool. Thanks go to Jackie Carter, my editor, plus Pragmatic Programmer overlords Andy and Dave for their patience, guidance and encouragement. I've never met such switched-on, optimistic and genuinely agile people in over a decade of working in publishing. To paraphrase Simon & Garfunkel, they've got a groovy thing going on.

Thanks also to the small army of technical reviewers who put this book through its paces prior to release and often suggested important improvements. My gratitude goes to John Dong, Matthew Helmke, Eric Hewitt, Carthik Sharma, John Southern, and Aaron Porter. There's some astonishingly large brains in that list. A zombie would have a feast. I'm honored that they all agreed to give this book the benefit of their experience and knowledge.

Finally, thanks to the beta testers who took a chance on this book before it was officially published. Your errata comments made Ubuntu Kung Fu a stronger book.

—Keir Thomas, September 2008

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