Alter image viewers zoom speed

You might have already noticed that, if you roll the mouse wheel while viewing an image in Eye of GNOME (GNOME's default image viewer), you'll zoom in and out of the image. You can alter the rate of zoom by firing-up gconf-editor and heading over to /apps/eog/view. Then change the value in the zoom_multiplier key. The figure is the zoom in/out percentage divided by 100—the default value of (circa) 0.05 is 5%. This means that each "click" of the mouse wheel zooms in 5%. A value of 0.01 makes for smoother zooming (1%), although you'll need to spin the mouse wheel quite a lot to make much progress! A value of 0.1 or even 0.2 (10 and 20%) makes for faster zooming.

If you'd like to turn off zooming with the mouse wheel, and make the wheel simply scroll the window as in any other application, open gconf-editor and head over to /apps/eog/view and remove the check from alongside scroll_wheel_zoom. The changes will take effect immediately, so open an image by double-clicking it and see what happens!

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