Add cool new visualizations to Totem Rhythmbox

Both Totem and RhythmBox include a funky animation that appears during music playback. Animations such as this are known as visualizations, but out-of-the-box Ubuntu only includes one, rather than the hundreds found on the likes of Mac oS or Windows media players. However, you can add-in more to Ubuntu, for use in both Totem and RhythmBox, by using Synaptic to search for and install the libvisual-0.4-plugins package.

once the package has installed, to change the visualization in Totem that appears when a music track is playing, click Edit ^ Preferences, select the Display tab in the dialog that appears, and make your choice from the Type of visualization dropdown list. Your choice will take effect immediately, so drag the preferences dialog out of the way to preview it.

In RhythmBox, click View ^ Visualization to start the animation and then select from the dropdown list beneath the visualization.

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