Be told when your tea has brewed

It's said that the Boston Tea Party is responsible for the fact that America, unlike many parts of the world, doesn't have a taste for hot tea. Compare that to England or China, for example, where tea is drunk by the gallon. Had the Boston Tea Party not happened then I'm sure that the Teatime applet—which can be installed by searching Synaptic for the teatime and gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly packages—would be a standard feature of Ubuntu. Put simply, it times how long tea should be left to brew, and informs you when that time is up.

Once the package is installed, right-click a blank spot on the panel, click Add to panel, and select Teatime from the list. Then right-click the icon to select the the tea you're brewing—Assam, Darjeeling, and green

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tea are available, amongst others. This will start the timer and, when the tea is ready, you'll be told courtesy of a spinning tea-cup in the centre of the screen. Click the teacup to get rid of it. Then drink your tea. But not too quickly or you'll burn your lips.

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