Get warned when sudo powers hang around

When you type your password to run a system administration application, the system remembers the authorization for a short time. If you then run another application that requires authentication, you won't be prompted for your password. This is both good and bad: good because it makes life easier, but bad because, sometimes, the password prompt

Periodically change the desktop wallpapers serves as a warning that the software might do drastic things to the system.

Tip 47, on page 110 explains how to eradicate the period that sudo hangs around, but as an alternative you can make a warning dialog box appear each time a GUI application runs when it would ordinarily require authentication.

Open gconf-editor and head over to /apps/gksu. Look for display-no-passinfo on the right of the screen and put a check in it. The change will take effect immediately.

For other sudo/password-related enhancements, see Tip 271, on page 311, and Tip 78, on page 137.

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