Burn Ubuntu CD images ISOs using Windowsfor free

There's a curious chicken and egg situation for Windows users who would like to try Ubuntu. Although Ubuntu itself is fully conversant with the ISO image format, by which Ubuntu installation CDs are distributed across the Internet, ISO files are completely foreign to Windows. So how do does a migrating Windows user burn an ISO image?

Sure, they might have software like Nero installed, which can burn ISO images. However, if they don't they face paying quite a lot of money to buy it.

I recommend Windows users who want to burn ISOs without buying any additional software download and install ISO Recorder from http:// isorecorder.alexfeinman.com/. This is free-of-charge for personal use.

Once the program is installed, just right-click any ISO image and select Open With ^ ISO Recorder. You can then burn straight away, or click the Properties button to set the burn speed (bear in mind that ISOs have a habit of not burning correctly at faster speeds).

To check the md5sum figure of the downloaded ISO before burning, download the Windows version of the md5sum command, which is available from http://etree.org/md5com.html. To use it, open a DOS prompt (Start ^ Run, and type cmd) and then navigate to where md5sum.exe has been saved to. Type md5sum and then click and drag the ISO image onto the DOS window to complete the path and filename components. Then hit [Enter].

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