Create a backup ISO image of almost any physical CDDVD

Backing up valuable CDs or DVDs is always a good idea. Ubuntu includes a tool that can backup just about any CD or DVD, whether it contains data, music or video. It outputs ISO images, similar in nature to the ISo images that are used to distribute Ubuntu. They're simply large files containing a verbatim (uncompressed) copy of the disc contents.

To create your own ISO images, right-click the disc's desktop icon, select Copy Disc, and in the dialog box that appears, select File image from the Copy disc to dropdown list. When you click the Write button, you'll be prompted for a filename to save the disc as.

If you ever need to burn the ISO to a disc, right-click it and select Write to Disc. Alternatively, see Tip 120, on page 167, which explains how to mount an ISO image as if it were a physical disk drive on your computer.

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