Edit the name artist information of MP3 files

Most MP3 files contain ID3 tag information, usually indicating the artist, song name and album, amongst other things. Unfortunately, some of this information can be wrong. RhythmBox features the ability to change it, but you have to right-click on the track in question and select Properties, which can be long-winded if you have lots of files to edit.

To edit the track information quickly and efficiently, consider using exfalso, which can be installed using Synaptic (search for and install the exfalso package). Once installed it can be found on the Applications ^ Sound & Video menu. Simply select the folder the track(s) is in on the left, and then the track itself, and double-click each entry on the right to edit the ID3 information. Click the Add button to add entirely new information, if you think you need to.

If your problem is the inverse of this—that the ID3 tag information is correct, but the filenames are wrong, use Synaptic to install mp3rename. This is a command-line program that, as its name suggests, renames files based on their ID3 tag information. Either specify a file for it to work on (mp3rename filename.mp3) or switch into the relevant folder and type mp3rename * to rename all MP3 files. Remember that if you do this, and RhythmBox has previously cataloged the files, you'll have to make it reindex. To do this, click Music ^ Import Folder within RhythmBox and select the folder containing the MP3 files.

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