Ensure Ubuntu always knows the time

Several of my computers sometimes mysteriously lose minutes when switched off, so that the time they display slowly becomes more and more behind. Luckily I have Ubuntu installed. This can periodically synchronize with the main Ubuntu time server, and thus never let the computers get out of step with the rest of the world.

To set this up, use Synaptic to install the ntp package. Once the package is installed, restart your computer. Configuration is automatic.

If, after rebooting, you find that the time display is still wrong, it's likely that you have Ubuntu setup for the wrong time zone. To fix this, right-click the time/date display at the top right of the Ubuntu desktop and select Adjust date and time. Then click the Unlock button in the window that appears. Then click the Time Zone button, and click the nearest city to you on the map that appears. Once done, click Close. The changes will take effect immediately.

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