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If you're working on a particular project it's very likely that there will be a handful of files that you'll access on a regular basis. Yet it seems strange that no operating system ever takes this into account. Some operating systems will give quick access to recently accessed files, but none (to my knowledge) will tell you which are the most popular.

Until such a feature arrives, you might like to take a look at TopShelf, which can help organize your workflow. It's a simple panel applet that lets you create organized shortcuts to files that you're currently working on. Then all you need to do whenever you boot your computer is click the Topshelf icon and then double-click the relevant file entry from its list. TopShelf doesn't actually copy the files. It just creates shortcuts and then organizes them in one easily-accessible location. It's simple but useful.

The program can be installed by using Synaptic to search for topshelf. Once it's installed, right-click a blank spot on the panel. Select Add to panel and then TopShelf from the list.

Click its icon and then click and drag any files you want TopShelf to organize for you onto the TopShelf window. Remember that you're only creating a shortcut—the actual file isn't copied. From then on, you can simply click the TopShelf icon and double-click the file's icon to open it. Folders can be added too. To remove a file or folder from the list, just highlight it and click the Remove button.

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